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Spot Play Charts
Chart Handicapping Sweeps the Nation!

Well, chart handicapping may not be sweeping the nation yet, but it�s a great new way to handicap. Introducing a new feature of The Capper handicapping program (drum roll please): Spot Play Charts.

Use the Tools of Technical Analysis to Handicap
The Capper is the first handicapping program to incorporate the tools of technical analysis and apply them to handicapping. In the stock and commodity markets, technical analysis is the study of time, price and sentiment of a chosen equity as shown on charts. Technical analysts often look for patterns in the charts to predict future movements of those charts. These patterns and indicators can get very esoteric � you'll hear about stochastic oscillators, relative strength, etc. But a chart is really just a visual way of analyzing a lot of underlying numbers. And even though the stock market and horse race handicapping are different animals, some of technical analysis' concepts are useful in handicapping. Here's an example of the kind of chart you get with The Capper:

The Capper contains a number of different spot plays which it automatically handicaps and tracks. This chart tracks the progress of a certain spot play (the 5YO Gelding/Good Trainer spot play) in a certain subcategory (low claimers) over a period of over three months. The thick line you see is the Profit/Loss line; the thin line that follows it is the 2 Week Moving Average line, the two surrounding lines are the Bollinger Bands, and the downward line is the Takeout line (in other words, the amount you could expect to lose if you just lost the takeout percentage on every bet). Many of the analyses that technical analysts perform on stocks can now be carried out with horse racing spot plays.

Spot Otherwise Invisible Trends
Stock charts detail the movement of price over time, while the spot play charts detail the movement of profit/loss over time. To me, they are unparalleled tools for understanding a mass of numbers regarding a certain handicapping situation. And while they don't reflect (at least not directly) the oppositional forces of supply and demand the way stock charts do, they do exhibit real trends at the race track over time � what I call causal phases.

For instance, look at the following chart:

This spot play/subcategory � Blinkers Off in maiden claiming races � was a steady loser for about six weeks, losing at a much worse rate than the track take. Then it had a big win around mid-August, and since then has been moderately profitable for almost two months. Its performance since mid-August is in stark contrast to its performance earlier in the summer. Now, most of what goes on in these charts is noise. As I've written in the past, we humans have a tendency to see patterns where none exist. But that doesn't mean that there aren't valid patterns out there. (Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not trying to get you.) The pattern in this chart seems to me to indicate a possible causal phase. Why did maiden claimers with blinkers off turn profitable in mid-summer? I don't know, but you don't have to know why. All you have to know is that it's happening. Spot play charts help you see through the noise of numbers and spot trends that are otherwise invisible.

A Growing List of Spot Plays
Here are some of the increasing list of more than 20 spot plays that The Capper contains: 5YO Gelding/Good Trainer, Big Win/Not Wire-To-Wire, Blinkers Off, Bombs Away, Classy MCs, Cramer Ratings, CSP: Layoff/Up In Class, Davis 2003, Early Horse Early Race and more. Most of these were designed by current users of The Capper, and some of them are very good.

One Free Public Spot Play for New Users of The Capper
You can have your own spot play custom programmed. I'm offering all new users of The Capper one free public spot play of their own design. The spot play must pass a programming assessment for feasibility, and it must not have more than seven conditions. (For instance, dirt race today is one condition; was within three lengths at the first call last race is a second condition, etc.) Once your custom spot play is programmed, it will then be handicapped and tracked automatically by The Capper, and will be available for spot play charting.  For more information on creating a free public spot play, click here.

Special Bonus
Here's a limited-time offer: If you write �Send the bonus book� on your order or in your shipping instructions if you order The Capper on-line, I�ll send you a free copy of A Beginner�s Guide to Short-Term Trading by Toni Turner. It�s a great introduction to technical analysis and chart-reading.

The Capper
Price: $400
Click here to order from the NetCapper Store.

Note: The Capper uses HDW race data, which costs $100 per calendar month for unlimited downloading. You must call HDW at 502-570-0333 to set up your subscription. You'll be charged monthly. Data costs are not refundable once any files have been downloaded during a month. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return it within 60 days. The purchase price, minus a 20% restocking fee of $80, will be refunded to you.  Minimum System Requirements: Windows 98 or newer, CD drive, 433 Mhz. Intel chip, 128 mg. RAM. Recommended System Requirements: Windows 98 or newer, CD drive, 1Ghz+ Intel chip, 256+ mg. RAM.

The Capper Payment Plan

You can now purchase The Capper with a monthly payment plan.  This option isn't available through the NetCapper Store, but if you send your name, address and credit card number and tell us which payment option you want, we'll send you The Capper and charge you monthly.  Here are the options:
  3 monthly payments of $137
  6 monthly payments of $70
  24 monthly payments of $18

You can print out this page and send your order to:

1609 Sherman Drive
Utica, NY 13501

Or, if you're willing to send your credit card via email, you can place your order at


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